Hope Moms Group {Introduction}

“You’ve been inducted into a not-so-secret club you never knew existed. From now on, anytime you take your daughter somewhere, you’ll be able to easily start up a conversation with another mom and have 50 things to talk about!” I quipped.

I sat across from my sister-in-law at my kitchen island just eleven days after she had given birth to her first daughter, with my own baby in one hand and a sandwich in the other. As I sat there, trying to eat without dropping too many crumbs on Elli’s fuzzy head, I felt a need to disclose both the struggle and hope ahead. I recognized the mix of emotions in my sister-in-law’s face, because I joined that not-so-secret club called “motherhood” almost 7 years ago. I remember the beginning of my journey as a mom well, and all the mixed emotions that went along with it.

Motherhood has truly felt like a roller coaster on so many levels: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. There are days when everything clicks and there are others when everything blows up in my face. There are moments (albeit brief) when I feel so accomplished and others when I feel utterly defeated. I’ve laughed louder, cried harder, felt more joy and endured more pain in this season than any other. I cannot imagine walking this road without the  support of other moms who pray for me and with me, who gently encourage me to seek the Lord in all things, who say things like “me, too” and “that’s totally normal,” and lift my spirits on the longest days of these very short years.

Motherhood should never be a solo mission. We are all in this together, facing many different trials, but working towards the same end goal. That not-so-secret club with its knowing glances and casual conversation at the park is not enough. We need to be intentional about building relationships and encouraging one another, whether we are just stepping foot into this season with a newborn tucked into our arm, or are facing the challenges of parenting a teen.

That is what Hope Moms Group is all about, walking through motherhood together. Our vision is to encourage and equip moms to be God-honoring in raising their children. Our verse for this semester is Psalm 16:11 “You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”

I am so excited to play a small part in getting this group up and running at Hope church! We are planning our first meeting for February 11 from 9am-11am in Fellowship Hall. Make sure to bookmark this site, as I will be posting more updates and adding some other fun content soon.

Happy New Year!



One thought on “Hope Moms Group {Introduction}

  1. Kim, you amaze me with your heart for God and your family! I truly believe he’s going to use you in big ways! My prayers are with you as you begin this venture… I sure wish they would’ve had something like this when I was a young mom.


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