Moms of Hope

Moms of Hope: Aubrey

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How have your failures as a mother helped to refine you in your role as a mom?

“I think that a lot of times when we wake up and everyone’s a little cranky – no one slept well that night – it’s really easy for me to just want to lose my temper and really be short with the kids, specifically in the morning. I think sometimes when I fail, when I do lose my temper and I’m not showing them love, I realize I need to stop and just grab them, give them huge hugs and remember to ask them for forgiveness when I do fail. That really helps refine my heart, to keep it humble as a mom, and to show my children humility and let them know that mommy doesn’t have it all together.

“In that moment, I realize that my attitude is in the wrong, that my own character is not what it should be: it’s not honoring God. I’m not showing the grace and love that I’ve been shown. I realize that I am not setting a good example for my children in how to respond in a stressful situation. I need to be able to, as a parent, be relatable to who the Lord is in their lives. Because until they are able to grow up and have a deeper relationship with Him, they can see that, hopefully, in me.”

Moms of Hope Roscoe IL_0002


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